- The Motherlobe -

Contains spoilers for Psychonauts 2.
Last updated 2021/7/24.
Lots of pics taken from the Psychopedia, so thanks for that.

- Levels -

  1. Loboto's Labyrinth
  2. Hollis' Hot Streak
  3. Compton's Cookoff
  4. Cassie's Collection
  5. PSI-King's Sensorium
  6. Bottle Mind
  7. Ford's Mind
  8. Unknown

- Blog -

2021/8/12 - Two new images on Bottle Mind from Psychonauts 2 Basic Braining Episode 2 - Psychic Powers. Changed the name of PSI-King's Sensorium based on the wiki.

2021/8/03 - The Psychonauts 2 Musical Tour just dropped with a bunch of new screenshots. I've split the minds into different pages. Your dial-up will thank me! Ford's Mind and Overworld are the ones that have been updated.

2021/7/24 - Site created during a wild manic episode.

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